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1990 Southern California Rose of Tralee - SHANDON EALES HARBOUR

“What was an experience, I would not forget There has been no other like it yet!”

The year was 1990 and I was in school at USC I read an ad in the newspaper for the Rose of Tralee Asking girls to participate that were of Irish decent So off to the Rose Orientation I wentWho would’ve known it would be meTo represent Southern California in Tralee What was an experience that I would not forgetThere has been no other like it yet! Being in Ireland taught me what it was to be an ambassador However, the experience went well beyond that year and more. Upon returning, I finished my degree Moved to San Francisco and worked in hi-tech PR, (.com and IT) Several hard years in PR lead me to pursue a life to teach Bringing me back to San Diego and home near the beach I met my husband learning to scuba dive With three boys we are now a family of five. My career as of late is running the family enterprise To work in a 24/7 security business was quite a surprise Working my way up the ladder to the top Makes for a busy life ~ its always nonstop!

Throughout my life the Rose days stay with me. As I use the knowledge I learned for business acumen constantly. And every once in a while when I’m in an Irish bar I’ll tell the band or bartender that I was an Irish *star* It opens doors ~ if even for just one free drink or a serenaded song 18 years….has it been that long? A big thank you and Irish Prayer to those who support the Southern California Rose program. It

was a monumental milestone in my life and has had a major influence on who I am.

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