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2017 Southern California Rose of Tralee - Claire McManamon

Claire McManamon is my name; I am 24 years old, the youngest in a family of five raised in the West of Ireland in the beautiful town of Newport, Co Mayo. I graduated from Dublin City University in 2014 with a degree in Accounting & Finance which has led me to the USA today. I moved to the States two years ago to further my career as an accountant with Glanbia. Whilst still studying to become a qualified CIMA Accountant, I have had the opportunity to become fully immersed in American culture in two very different states. One being Idaho in the Pacific Northwest and second the fast-paced sunny state of California. I settled into the way life in Southern California enjoying the constant sunshine, beautiful long beaches and endless hiking trials around the hills of Los Angeles.

Alongside new experiences, celebrating my Irishness is very important to me. I have met so many Irish and people of Irish decent here, which really illustrates how evolved our small nation is around the world.

Mayo GAA is a huge part of my life; I never miss tuning into a match regardless of the 8-hour time difference! From Galway, London, Melbourne, LA, Budapest and of course Mayo - the family Whats App lights up for every score, block and whistle! Earlier this year, I became a member of the ‘OC Wild Geese GFC’. I attend Gaelic football training every Friday evening with a good mix of Irish girls and home grown American players.

Working for Glanbia which was once a small diary processor in Ireland, has taught me how the Irish have influenced and evolved around the globe. Glanbia provides a unique working environment with a strong Irish presence but has so naturally fit into the American way of business. I would like to thank Glanbia for their sponsorship on this fantastic journey.

Fun Fact: Claire is the first Irish born Rose to represent the Southern California Rose Center!

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